Non_Jazz Black Mass Rising

3 avril 2010

Le Non_Jazz revient !

Sylvester Anfang II

Belgian princes of darkness Sylvester Anfang have undergone some serious changes since their last full-length, embracing new members (from bands like Kiss The Anus Of A Black Cat, Ignatz and Burial Hex) and a new sound. They’ve even rebranded themselves as a sequel to their former selves – Sylvester Anfang II, more preoccupied with classic psych rock than ever before, balancing deep drone and Germanic motorik principles with ceremonial, robe-adorned freak folk wig-outs.

New releases out on Aurora Borelias & new releases coming up.


Hellvete is one of the three members who founded the Flemish Funeral Folk collective and a key figure of the satanadelic combo Sylvester Anfang II. Similar to the mothership, his solo work spans from folk-inspired guitar drones to minimalist keyboard esoterica. The significant difference is that his solo songs are more composed and less improvised.

Bear Bones / Lay Low

Ernesto González traded the Chavez regime for comfortable living in a dreary place called Waterloo, near Brussels. He picked up the guitar, practiced his Hendrix skills, got introduced to the world of scorching fuzz, demented kraut rock jams, drone lords and kosmik trance and decided he could as well do all that shit by himself.

Above The Tree

chant + guitare folk/blues + quelques traitements électroniques, analogiques ou pas…


  • 20h
  • 5€


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